Paul Jones

Paul Jones come from a background, he was raised by a single parent, left home at the age of fifteen, served in the military and retired from law enforcement. Paul is not your typical author. He didn’t go to school to learn to write, he writes from his experiences and from his heart.

Standing Alone by Paul Jones – Podcast

Standing Alone by Paul Jones

Standing Alone by Paul Jones

A Flavor of Stories

(Short Stories by Paul Jones)

We all have heard stories that we enjoy. Those that will make you cry, laugh or just think. Well, A Flavor of Stories is guaranteed to do it all. We have stories like, A Cry for Help, Fading Faith, or even The Country Bumpkins, and many more. Although, we all have our own taste, there will be a story for your flavor.

Just When You Thought You Knew

Because this is not a perfect world, and we’re not perfect people, we live and encounter many different things and adventures in our lives. Some might have nightmares, while others might have had a very tough childhood that so often bleeds over to their adult lives. There are even those who think that they know it all and what’s good for them.

Rather you just want to be helped or you want to be loved. The stories in this book will set you on an adventure, from fantasy, to nightmares to dreaming and to some it feels like the author was in the house with you. Welcome to your life stories, with a rhyme scheme.

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